S Haugland 7294

The whole idea

From the very beginning Haugland focused on using all natural materials only. The clothing must be functional and comfortable to wear - the same piece of textile must function in different situations - job, hobby and party wise.

This concept is supported by the choice of colours. The linen clothing must be timeless, and is mainly manufactured in natural colours like brown, offwhite, black and linen. Sometimes we sneak in an extra colour, but the above mentioned are basic for all designs. 

We produce in linen, wool, cotton, silk and viscose. Buttons are all bone, wood or horn.

Haugland focus a lot on finish and fit - Details counts.

The strict choice in colours puts high demands on the designer to secure the clothing a new - but still classic - look, at all times. We carefully choose the many different details like buttons, embroidery and material mixes.